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Tooth Extraction and Oral Surgery

Let us take care of any complicated tooth extractions or oral surgery

Here at Cwtch Dental Care, we have qualified dentists that can perform more complicated tooth extraction and oral surgery. If you have a complicated situation or are currently on a waiting list elsewhere then have a chat with us to discuss what we can do for you.

Why would I need to see someone for oral surgery?

Most of the time your general dentist can take a simple tooth out at a routine dental appointment.  However, some teeth can be trickier to remove as they might be very broken down to begin with, they might have curved, bulbous or long roots, or they might only be part way through the gum like wisdom teeth at the back of your mouth.  

There may also be times where a general dentist has tried and failed to remove a tooth like this and you may have been referred for treatment.  

More difficult situations like this may require someone with more experience and training in oral surgery to remove the tooth.  We have dentists with these abilities working with us at Cwtch Dental Care.

I'm currently on a waiting list, can I be seen at Cwtch?

We know that waiting lists can be long at times, and if you are fed up of waiting to be seen, we may well be able to see you sooner at Cwtch Dental Care.  

If you are an existing patient of ours, then you can simply contact us via the links. We can speak to our oral surgery team on your behalf to discuss prices and make arrangements to get you in for treatment.  If we have not seen you before then you will usually require an initial consultation (£75) for the dentist to plan the treatment that you need.

What are the costs involved for oral surgery?

Everybody’s problem will be unique and so an accurate cost for each procedure can be made once our oral surgery team have seen x-rays and planned what is required.  However, tooth removal by the oral surgeon starts from £150 and goes up to around £300 for a surgical wisdom tooth removal.

We know nobody looks forward to a tooth extraction, but at Cwtch Dental Care we look after you every step of the way and make sure you have the right aftercare when you go home.