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Looking to rejuvenate your skin and smooth out wrinkles?

Cwtch Dental Care anti-wrinkle treatment can give your face a fresh and younger look. 

Why You May Consider Anti-Wrinkle Treatment? 

Repeating certain facial expressions over time will lead to fine lines appearing. As we age, our collagen also reduces and wrinkles may deepen.  
Anti-wrinkle treatments are used to relax unwanted lines, making the skin appear smoother and preventing lines from deepening. At Cwtch Dental Care, we aim for naturally beautiful results that will help you appear youthful and rejuvenated.   

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What Areas Do You Treat?

The most common areas we treat are:  
•    Frown lines
•    Forehead lines
•    Crow’s feet
We also treat Gummy Smiles, Bunny lines, excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) and offer Brow lift treatment.

What Are The Next Steps?

Get in touch with our reception team or book online and we will arrange a consultation appointment with Dr Jess, our qualified Anti-wrinkle practitioner. 
She will carry out a thorough consultation to make a personalised plan to build the look that you would like to achieve.

What happens at the treatment appointment?

On the day of the treatment appointment, your skin will be cleansed and markings placed with a small white pencil. Then we use a fine needle to place the product into the muscle to be treated. 

The treatment itself takes approximately 15 minutes. The product then takes 2-3 days to start working with the full effect at 14 days. 

A review appointment will be made 2-3 weeks post treatment where any adjustments can also be made. 

What Qualifications are required for administering Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

It is important to choose a practitioner with the correct knowledge and training. Dr Jess has trained with a leading global expert in facial aesthetics, Dr Bob Khanna. As a dentist with maxillofacial experience, she has a strong understanding of the muscles associated with facial expression and has developed expertise in facial anatomy.

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