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Do You Think You Need Dental Implants?

Do you want to replace teeth without damaging the rest of them?  Implants could be for you.

Here at Cwtch Dental Care in North Cardiff, we have the answer to gappy smiles, loose dentures and unfixable teeth; implants!

Why You Should Consider Implants?


Nobody wants to feel down about their teeth.  We use them for so many things; speaking, smiling, eating and more.  When you have lost a tooth, or teeth, there are several different ways to restore the space they used to fill.  One of our favourite ways is with an implant or two.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant can be used in an area where you have lost one of your natural teeth.  A lovely dentist with extra qualifications in implant surgery can place a small titanium rod into the jawbone where your tooth used to sit.  The bone can then grow around that rod and hold it firmly in place.  

Our superstar dentist can then use that titanium rod to anchor a crown, bridge or denture on top.  This means you can say goodbye to loose, irritating dentures and wave hello to reliable, solid teeth!

Would I be suitable for dental implants?

Most adults are suitable for dental implants, but we know every person is unique and so a thorough assessment is required to advise you more accurately.  Some medical conditions or lifestyle choices might prevent a dentist from recommending implants, e.g. smoking, active gum disease, poorly controlled diabetes and radiotherapy to the head/neck.  

What happens at an implant assessment appointment?

Our dentist will want to perform a thorough check of your mouth in general – checking teeth, gums and the whole mouth.  You will have an in-depth conversation about what you are hoping to achieve and what your options might be.  


In order to get accurate measurements and inform you of the best procedure for yourself, the dentist will take x-rays and will arrange for you to have a small CT scan. 

What are the benefits of dental implant treatments?

•    FEELS GREAT: Because the implants are fixed in place, they probably feel like the closest you’ll get to having your own teeth back.
•    ENJOY YOUR FAVOURITE FOODS AGAIN: Whatever is placed on top of your implant, it is fixed in place and won’t budge.  So you can count on chomping happily on your favourite crunchy foods again – no need for denture glue, or chewing on one side to avoid the gaps.
•    LONG LASTING: Dental implants can last for over 10 years when you look after them properly, so you can enjoy a fixed tooth replacement for many years to come.
•    NO DAMAGE TO NEIGHBOURING TEETH: Unlike some other tooth-replacement options (like bridges), we do not have to drill the natural teeth.  So these implants are not harmful to the remaining teeth.
•    MAINTAIN YOUR BONE LEVELS: When a tooth is removed, the bone in that area begins to shrink.  When a dental implant is placed into the jawbone, the bone is stimulated to anchor around the implant, like it does around a natural tooth, so the bone level stops dropping as rapidly in that area.

What do dental implants cost at Cwtch Dental Care?

Our fee for an initial implant consultation is £75, and you can book via one of the links below.

Each procedure for implant placement is bespoke to you and as such the overall price can vary depending on your particular situation e.g. do you require more than one implant, is there enough bone in the area or do you need further treatment to increase the bone, what type of crown will you need on top of the implant?  

An approximate price for planning and placement of a single implant, with a crown on top is from £2500.  0% interest finance options for 12 months on amounts up to £7500 are available on request via Klarna and Splitit.  There are further finance options available to spread the cost over 36 months and our team can tell you more.

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