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Don’t want people to spot your braces?

Invisalign are the ones for you.

What is Invisalign?

Your friends need never know you’ve got braces; meet our best kept secret, Invisalign!

Invisalign uses transparent removable retainers to improve crowding and spacing in your front teeth. Since they can be taken out, the bespoke braces are easy to clean and don’t need to affect your special occasions.

You had me at the word transparent, what next?

If you think you’d like to get straighter teeth then Invisalign might be for you. 

  • The first step is to get in touch with us and we can arrange for our treatment coordinator to provide the initial telephone consultation to see if we think you might be suitable. 
  • After she’s given you the lowdown on these smile-straighteners, she can book you in for your first assessment with one of our fab dentists, or you can book your braces consultation online.
  • At your assessment appointment our dentist will give your teeth a thorough once-over and take measurements and photographs of the problems. 
  • Then you will have our brand new 3D scanner take a super-accurate scan of your gnashers, which you can have a good look at on the monitor.

And then next...

  • We can even give you a sneaky preview on the monitor of how your teeth could look at the end of treatment. 
  • All of these details are sent off to the Invisalign laboratory who make a 3D digital model to show you more accurately what your teeth look like now and what they could be like after Invisalign Go. 
  • Once you’ve given the model the thumbs up, we ask Invisalign to make the clear aligners for you.

And the final steps...

  • When the Invisalign aligners arrive with us we see you to fit the first set and show you how to look after them, then away you go! 
  • You’ll wear each set of aligners 22 hours per day for a week or two and then we see you every 3-4 weeks to give you new aligners and check your progress. 
  • This continues until your teeth are where we wanted them.
Finance for Braces?

You are able to spread the cost of the treatment

Want to know how Invisalign work?

Curious about how clear aligners from Invisalign can straighten your teeth?

Watch this short video from Invisalign to find out more.

What’s included in your Invisalign prices?

Up to 2 sets of 20 aligners as required on your Invisalign 3D plan

  • Removable retainers (normally priced £80 each)
  • Tooth whitening (normally priced £300)


This is everything you need to get a fabulous smile!

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