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Affordable and effective root canal treatment in Cardiff

Root canal treatment (also called endodontic treatment) is a common dental procedure which we provide at Cwtch Dental Care.

Oh no! I need a root canal treatment, what’s that?!

When a tooth is alive and healthy, in the centre of the tooth is a hollow chamber with the tooth’s nerve and blood vessels inside. This chamber inside the tooth can become infected for several reasons:

  • Tooth decay
  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Previous extensive dental work like fillings, crowns, or bridges
  • Cracks within the tooth structure


When the tooth becomes infected, this can generate a lot of pain and swelling around the tooth. The aim of root canal treatment is to get the inside of the tooth as clean as possible again and seal the root off so that the infection can’t build up again.

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What do you do during root canal treatment?

For root canal treatment at Cwtch Dental Care, you will usually be numbed before we start any treatment. Just to make sure you are comfortable and pain free.  

  • We then use some high-tech little files to help clean out the infected tissue down inside the root.  
  • We also use strong antiseptics to flush out and kill off as many bacteria from the root as we can.  
  • To help keep the tooth clean inside and to stop you from having to taste the disinfectant, we will normally want to use something called a rubber dam. This is a stretchy sheet which is clipped over the tooth needing the treatment.  
  • We use x-rays at different points in the process to help make sure we are cleaning down to the end of the tooth.

How Many Times Will The Dentist Need to See Me?

Most root canal treatment will require at least two visits depending on how complex the treatment might be. For an average tooth we would expect root canal treatment to be successful around 90% of the time.

Will my tooth need anything special done to it after root canal treatment?

Your dentist will always advise you based on your particular needs. However, it is well known that the chances of success of root canal treatment can often be increased by providing a very good seal over the top of the tooth afterwards.

This will usually mean the tooth requires:

  • A simple filling,
  • A crown, or
  • An onlay or inlay.

Why choose Cwtch Dental Care for my root canal treatment?

We are a caring, friendly bunch at Cwtch and we strive to make all our patients feel comfortable and welcome. Whilst all our dentists are experienced and up to date with the latest advances in root canal treatment, our practice owner, Sarah, has also undertaken an MSc in Endodontology from the University of Chester in 2017.

We have also invested in the latest microscope technology from Carl Zeiss, to ensure for our most difficult cases we are able to provide the best care for our patients.

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