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Tooth Coloured Fixed Braces

All the control of fixed braces, but using lovely tooth-coloured ceramic. These are our most popular tooth-coloured fixed brace option, and with good reason; they are super subtle!

The wires we use to straighten the teeth are coated in a tooth-coloured material and the brackets are made from high-quality ceramic, all of which makes them simply blend in. You and your dentist will know you have braces but the outside world will struggle to spot them! They can correct all kinds of crooked, rotated, crowded tooth problems.

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How do I get straight teeth with ClearSmile?

  • To get started, just get in touch with us and let us arrange for our treatment coordinator to provide an initial telephone consultation to see if we think you might be suitable. 
  • After she’s talked you through the various options, she can book you in for your first assessment with one of our fab dentists, or you can book your braces consultation online.  

What happens during the Assessment?

  • At your braces assessment appointment our dentist will give your teeth a thorough once-over and take measurements and photographs of your teeth. 
  • Then we will use our high-tech 3D scanner to take a really accurate scan of your smile, which you can see in detail on the screen.
  • We can even give you a sneaky peek on the monitor of how your teeth might look at the end of treatment. 
  • All of these details are sent off to the clever people at ClearSmile. They will make a 3D digital model to show you just how your teeth look and what they could be like after ClearSmile braces. 
  • Once you’ve given the model the thumbs up, we tell ClearSmile to make the braces for you.

What do your prices include?

All of our prices for braces do include:

  • ClearSmile fixed braces
  • Fixed retainers (Normal price £150 each)
  • Removable retainers (Normal price £80 each)
  • Tooth whitening (Normal price £300)

Before and after ClearSmile

How do the braces work?

  • When your braces have been manufactured and sent to Cwtch, our lovely dentist will see you to fit the braces onto your teeth. Most patients find this a surprisingly painless procedure.
  • We use templates which ClearSmile make specifically for your teeth, to cement the ceramic brackets onto your teeth. 
  • Then we fit the tooth-coloured wire into the brackets and use some tiny elastics to hold the wire in place.  
  • Our experts will check everything is in the right place for you and give you advice on how to clean and get used to your new braces. 


You will be amazed when you look in the mirror at how invisible they can be!

What happens after the assessment?

  • After that fitting appointment, we simply see you every 4-6 weeks for a short appointment to change the wires. 
  • The wires are constantly applying a tiny amount of pressure onto specific areas of your teeth to gradually push them into the right positions.
  • Most patients would have straighter teeth in 6-12 months of treatment with ClearSmile. Although our dentists will be able to advise you in better detail.


Before long, you will have a smile to be proud of!

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