Don’t let your teeth stop you from smiling!

Cfast can get you smiling like a celeb in no time! Cfast braces are fast, discreet and affordable.

These braces are tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets which are fixed to your teeth, so you don’t have to remember to do anything! Cfast is quicker than some braces because it is designed to only move the front six upper or lower teeth. The tooth coloured wires are nickel-titanium underneath, which applies gentle pressure to the crooked teeth to gradually bring them in line.

That sounds perfect, would Cfast braces work for me?

Cfast is ideal for minor imperfections in the front six teeth; so if you’re looking to straighten out those crooked front teeth, then look no further. To see what the best option might be for you for straighter teeth, it’s always best to be seen by one of our lovely dentists.

If you are interested to know more: 

  • the first thing to do is to give us a call and speak to our treatment coordinator, Dennie, who can talk you through the basics. 
  • Then we can book you in for a thorough orthodontic assessment.
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What do you do at the assessment appointment?

When you come in for your braces assessment, you can tell our team all the things you are unhappy with when you look at your smile. 

  • Firstly our friendly dentist will then want to take some measurements of the problems, before taking some photographs of your teeth.
  • They will also use our high-tech 3D scanner to create a 3D model of how your teeth look now. 
  • Sometimes they can even use that scan to give you a sneaky peek at what might be possible with adult braces.

If you and the dentist agree that you are suitable for Cfast then normally the next exciting step is to send off the scan and photographs to the clever people at Cfast for them to create a precise 3D model of where their braces can take your smile.

If you love the 3D prediction, the rest is easy!

Once you’ve seen the fab prediction of where we can get your teeth to with Cfast, the dentist will make sure you understand all the risks and benefits of the treatment. After that…

  • it is simply a case of us asking the Cfast laboratory to manufacture your braces for us.
  • Within a couple of weeks, you can be back in our chair having the braces put in. That’s a longer appointment where our team get everything attached to your teeth and then show you how to look after the beautiful braces.
  • Most people are pleasantly surprised at how subtle the braces are when they look in the mirror at that first appointment.  
  • Once your tooth straightening journey has begun, you simply come back every 4-6 weeks. This is for the wire (that is doing the straightening for us) to be changed and for the team to check you are progressing as planned.

I’ve seen your prices; does that include everything I need?

Yes, we include everything we think you need in our tooth straightening prices:

  • Cfast fixed braces treatment based on your 3D predictive modelling
  • Fixed retainers (Normally £150 each)
  • Removable retainers (Normally £71 each)
  • Tooth whitening (Normally £300)
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